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The Wild sale is among us! Summon all the Llamas!!!!

Who else is excited to come together again with all of the wonderful sponsors of Wild For Planners? I know I am! To dig a little deeper into the culture of Wild for Planners, I am doing a get to know the Shop owner right here for you all! Please note this blog is not endorsed or hosted by Wild For Planners, or their affiliates. Just a little #LlamaLoveFanGirling over here!

You might be thinking  what is Wild for Planners? Well it is the largest Planner's conference that comes together once a year to celebrate all things planning, special bonds old and new, and motivating each other to go for our goals! Visit their site here, but be warned, the rabbit hole never ends friend!

Look below, these are just a few of the wonderful individuals who volunteered their time to help with all the behind the scenes action for the event. 

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This event brings together a community of individuals who are passionate about change, goals, and planners. We are also called "Llamas" and don't take stickers lightly! The event would not be possible without the admins or the attendees of course, and the sponsors help elevate the event to something magical! Wild for Planners is hosting their second annual Wild Collab sale which features all their table sponsors, and sponsors who contributed a certain level of swag to the event! So in true #LlamaLove Fashion, I am lifting them up right there with them! The Wild Collab sale takes place 8-22-19 and ends just a few days later. All sponsors who are participating will be offering exclusive savings on their shops and some even have sweet freebies! What better way to round our 2019 than with new stationary items at deep discounts?

Below you will get a behind the scenes look at just a few sponsors, to see the rest check out the site here

Want to try out a few shops from the Collab sale? 3 complimentary samplers included when you purchase a mystery pack featuring 7 sheets of your choice below


 Meet the sponsors:


Sticker Geek Designs

My name is Meghan and I am the owner of Sticker Geek Designs. I love all things geeky, mostly sci-fi, fantasy and of course 90’s era nostalgia. Together with my wife, Lisa, we hand draw our kits, functionals, and icons. When I am watching a movie or tv show I like to be immersed, feel like I am a part of that world. We try to re-create that feeling with each kit through our unique view. 

If you love geeky things, 90’s tv/movies, vibrant photo kits, and unicorn paper then I hope you will check out our shop! Come join us and become a Sticker Geek! You can find us on IG, etsy, and in our FB group!

Instagram Shop



Triple Threat Planner


Hello! I am Kathleen: wife, mini van mom of two girls, dancer, stage manager, girl scout leader and the creator of Triple Threat Planner. All different art forms are important and unique, just like you. We know that you will find the pride and joy in celebrating the art form of your choice by choosing Triple Threat Planner for your performing arts planner supplies! We will offer 25% off plus a bunch of freebies/goodies during the sale - new releases being added daily so get those carts ready!

Instagram Shop



Caffeine Queens


We’re the Caffeine Queens - lifetime besties with a shared love for all things Disney, Christmas and stickers. During cross country morning video chats with our cups of coffee we schemed up our shop...a way for us to tackle mom life, one sticker at a time with hopes and dreams of adding some more financial stability to our families as we both still have little ones at home. We try to add to our shop things that we love - like fun fold overs (especially for sensitive information - because really, even we really don’t want to know our weight) and interactive notes pages. We also have vertical kits (available in a la carte and mini options), all things hobonichi, and lots of fun planner accessories like albums, washi, pens and custom designed paper clip. So, grab a cup of coffee (or beverage of choice) and join us as we tackle life - one sticker at a time!

Instagram Shop


Rock Your Notebook

A place where you can find speciality hand stitched travelers notebook inserts.

Instagram Shop



Lauren Phelps Designs

Lauren Phelps Designs est. 2015 was started to bring joy & organization in my own life & has grown into an amazing business sharing custom watercolor designs through a monthly subscription, exclusive washi tapes & amazing printed items like stickers, papers, die cuts & more. LPD products are perfect for planners, memory keepers & journalers of all kinds! I am personally so grateful & inspired by this creative community of friends! You will find the perfect item for the most experienced paper crafter to the most minimal lister within the LPD shop! I encourage each of you to live simply, plan wildly & dream freely!

 Instagram Shop 



Compulsive Crafts

Compulsive Crafts is run by Em Salgado and focuses on mental health and creativity, featuring an array of inserts, fabric covers, and accessories.

Instagram Shop


Dolce Planner

Instagram Shop



The Amber Locket: Planner Couture

The Amber Locket is the premiere shop for elegant and simply gorgeous planner accessories. Specializing in couture pieces made by a mixed media artist, any item can also be customized at no charge.

Instagram Shop


Azalea City Planning

We make all kinds of stickers, clips, hand turned pens, and other planning goodies! Lots of our art is hand drawn in house! We would love for you to shop with us!

Instagram Shop


Simply Patience

Simply Patience is owned by Patience who is a lover of all things pink, pretty and positive. Simply Patience is all about planning, promoting, and helping women prosper in their purpose! You can be sure to find trendy and encouraging designs for download in this shop. Her entire shop will be 35% off during the Wild Collab Sale!

Instagram Shop 



Washi You Doing

Hi. Washi You Doing is where you’ll find washi tape samples with a selection of washi tape rolls. The product options are continuously evolving with the hope to deliver products perfect for the crafter and planner in you.

Instagram Shop 



Wenet Studio

Hello planner human friends! I am Elsa, I am the illustrator behind Wenet Studio. I have been drawing since I was 6 and my favorite themes are whimsical and witchy. I am a huge fan of Fairytales and Disney. My favorite color is purple and I am obsessed with everything Moon, historical fashion and Astronomy. My shop features some of my art and it focus on Pagan, Wicca, Witchy and also all the cutesy things.

Instagram Shop



The Gootzie Project

Specializing in unique weekly and monthly kits!

Instagram Shop



Vividly Rani

Visit Vividly Rani for hand drawn deco stickers, exclusively designed washi, and hobonichi weeks or passion planner kits!

Instagram Shop




Imaginethatbylori has been a swag donator, attendee, and in the Wild Collab Sale since the beginning. Shop on by during the sale for a 30% discount on super cute stickers for school, sports, nursing, and more.

Instagram Shop



The Cuddly Turtle

We are a little planner sticker shop in Australia who love all things planning. We have a wide variety of stickers for everyone.

Instagram Shop



The Sticker Party 

The Sticker Party sells unique, hand-drawn stickers, sticker albums, pins, charms, washi tape, and more!

Instagram Shop



Snarky Nerd Girl

Planner Clips and Accessories

Instagram Shop



Planners Anonymous

Monthly subscription box full of pretty things for those who love to plan and get crafty. Available worldwide.

Instagram Shop



Charlotte’s Paper Company
Hello, my name is Catherine! I am the owner of Charlotte's Paper Company. I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Alex, and our two-year-old daughter Charlotte. I am a crafter who strives to make planning fun and enjoyable, by creating planner stickers with stylish designs and high quality materials. Our stickers make standard planners more creative and personal to your style.

We offer elegant, useful layouts for all kinds of planners. In our continued effort to improve design and functionality, we are always working to create new designs with attractive layouts. We are committed to using high quality, professional materials with a unique design aesthetic.


Parasol Paper Co
Parasol Paper Co is a stationery brand specializing in planner stickers and accessories featuring our original hand drawn artwork. Our team is a duo of sisters, Jennifer and Jessica, from the San Francisco Bay Area. One of our main goals is to be able to offer goods that resonate with a larger, more diverse audience because we believe that representation is key.

We were lucky enough to pitch to Michael's stores as a finalist during Go Wild 2019 in Vegas. Though we weren't selected to move forward with Michael’s, we plan on proceeding with our plan to spread diversity and art in the planner community. Look out for our new line of planner girl stickers this Wild Collab Sale!


BellaRose Paper Co
Hi! I'm Alyssa from Bella Rose Paper Co.
I'm a collector of many things, dog mom, beach lover, and a Leo!

We are 40% off during the Wild Collab sale! We offer tons of goodies! We have functional planner stickers, weekly kits for various planner sizes, printable stickers, printable papers, hand painted watercolor stickers, hand lettered stickers, vinyl decals, digital SVG bundles, and more!

We've been up and running for 4 years now! I dove head first into the planner community and have been over the moon excited that I am able to take a hobby I love and turn it into a business and job that I enjoy doing every single day!

Disorderly Planner Designs

Image may contain: 2 people, including Jenna Blanchard, people smiling, people standing and indoor

Well you know me, I am the one of the left . If not you can read my full bio here.

Ready to shop with me? Click here


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