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Planner Adventures - Sticker Bundle

Planner Adventures - Sticker Bundle

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This is our Planner Adventures exclusive kit! Hand drawn by Disorderly Planner herself and is a tribute to a group in which she made so many friends over the past year! We are grateful to be on this journey and are honored you selected this kit! As per the usual, printed on our "Unicorn hair, matte paper"! You can right on this with just about anything. Can't wait to see what you create with this kit and we hope it inspires you to follow your life's passions! 


 Full boxes are approximately sized for EC Vertical

Starts shipping 1-12-19 . 



Includes the following:

1-Washi Page

1-Full Box Page

1- Checklist Page

1-Header Page weekdays

1-Half Box Page

1-Deco Page


please note due to differences in device display colors may vary in appearance.