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Hi folks and thanks for stopping by! I am Jenna, owner of Disorderly Planner Designs. We were roped into the planner world about 4 years ago but have always had a love of Disorderly Planning. I have 5 boys and am a  special needs Mom. I am able to stay at home to support them by offering beautifully made planner items with my personal touch.  I enjoy getting to know my customers and making more Planner friends! You will see our new releases feature original art by myself. I enjoy watercoloring, wine, taking my little ones to the park, and photography in my spare time!
  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

My favorite Disorderly Planner item in the shop is the Animal Guide kit. It reminds me of the San Diego Zoo that I used to go and visit when I was younger. 
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Weekly Blog Update:
Since the little love bugs are in school I was able to design THREE new releases this week! The one that has my heart though is the Autism Awareness Kit here
As you may or may not know, we have 5 boys and 4 of them have special needs which includes an Autism Diagnosis. I am a walking, breathing, Mombie who advocates for her children and their needs from Son up to Son down. My entire day consists of making sure I am constantly adjusting the environment to foster the needs of my kiddos so they can experience some realm of normalcy. I never thought I would have 5 children, let alone all boys! They keep me on my toes and I am very rarely surprised by their shenanigans anymore. They are perfectly unique and I would not have it any other way. Which brings me to my next epiphany...designing this kit, I went into the mind set of How can I show how beautiful Autism can be? But what happened next, I did not expect. I started feeling vulnerable, like when strangers stare and make comments about my children. What if someone judges my kit? I felt like it would be a direct reflection of my family and our core values and was not sure I could handle that. So when I considered not releasing this kit, I shared my feelings with a group of peers, and they had nothing but uplifting thoughts and support. Then I remembered, just like a belly button , everyone has an opinion, they are entitled to it, it is theirs, but it is not mine and it does not support me. If I could make a difference in one person's life by sharing my experiences and information then that is enough for me! So please, when you are out and you see people that may be having a difficult time, or different , know it is okay to ask! Ask if they need help, ask if you are curious. I have always appreciated that and sometimes a nice encouraging word or a little help goes a long way! If you or someone you know needs help finding resources in your area here is a site that may be beneficial: http://www.parentcenterhub.org/find-your-center/
Woo hoo! Spring break is over!! Bye bitch!! I survived! You is kind, you is important.... That was my mantra all week.  March has been a wild ride. We started out with the plague and I was patient zero. Then off to Knoxville, TN and made lots of friends and memories. While most of the festivities were an epic fail I am fortunate to have met so many people I know can call "hon" and friends! If that wasn't the mother of shit storms, I don't know what is! We had our first in person event for Planners & pjs and Michaels was kind enough to sponsor our event! Stephanie Fleming herself was gracious enough to FaceTime in and gave every participant of our workshop some awesome swag! You know when something happens and it is just like confirmation? Well that happened as well. This will be in a separate blog because it is so much to type that it needs it's own page! But I know that my family on the other side and something greater has blessed me with these talents and I am on the path of where I need to be , and I can thank Sophia and her family for renewing my energy and spirit. Bear got his cast off and holy moly his arm stunk so bad! I let him take a shower and two baths that day and painted while he made a bubble castle. Now that school is back in sesh and the kiddos have officially graduated from all of their in home therapies , I will be working on more original art and continuing to build my little empire! #GetDisorderly . Up next on the agenda is our Podcast Planner Infamous, New Releases, and the EPiC sale in April!!  Until next time folks! Stay Classy :)