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Welcome to Disorderly Planner Designs!

I love planning bc it’s a creative way to stay organized & on track. Because I have Epilepsy & no job, it’s a fun and artistic way for me to keep my life together. Creative planning has offered an artistic outlet for a not-so-artistic person! I found it especially helpful while getting my MBA & look forward to seeing how it works out helping me with my job search!

My favorite stickers from Disorderly Planner are the glitter headers! I love the fact that the headers aren’t labeled with things that don’t necessarily pertain to my life, plus... who doesn’t love a little glitter? 😉
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Weekly Update 2-28-18:
March is almost here & is Epilepsy Awareness Month. As someone who was diagnosed with Epilepsy in middle school, I know how difficult how the disorder can be. I was lucky enough to find an amazing Neurologist who was willing to be my advocate & experiment with new treatments for me, and although I still have small seizures- I haven’t had a grand mal seizure 2013.
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