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DPD BroodLove Pack!

DPD BroodLove Pack!

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50% of Proceeds will go to help sponsor the foster care kiddos in our children's special needs class!

*Please no coupons

Are you still looking for that perfect gift or just want to treat yourself?! I got you covered! This is one of our Mystery boxes that I personally craft. We have a box for each budget and I would love the opportunity to make things just a little more special for you or your loved ones! 

This mystery planner box contains some of our greatest and NEW planner stickers and Accessories! Choose your Box Option below and enjoy! Each box contains at least double its retail value! 


Please note, each box is different and not the same as the next. If you are ordering more than one and would like identical boxes please e-mail us with your order number and reference this! Thank you!

Please allow for 2-3 weeks for delivery